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Fertility | Preconception | Prenatal | Postnatal  Personalized Yoga and Holistic Healing

Tailored Wellness: Personal Trainers & Holistic Approaches

Given the uniqueness of you and your health needs, a tailored and precise solution is essential. That’s precisely why we provide personal trainers and adhere to a holistic approach

Tailored Program

Sessions are customized as per our clients health status, body type and history of any ailments

Holistic Approach

The sessions also include consultation on diet, lifestyle changes, labor and lactation session

End Goal

The sessions are designed keeping the problem areas in mind to ensure quick & effective results & eradicate the root cause of the problem

Transforming Lives Through Tailored Wellness

Prenatal Yoga

We provide only customized sessions for pregnancy yoga classes, from the first trimester to the third trimester, tailored to suit our moms-to-be’s current health status, body type, and history of ailments.

Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga sessions focus on relaxation, Blood flow & Increased circulation to the pelvic area, Weight Management, Focus on fertility boosters, Hormonal Balance, Improved Blood Circulation.

Postnatal Yoga

Our customized Postnatal Yoga program aids post-pregnancy recovery, restoring both body and mind by repairing tissues, aiding in regaining shape, and managing hormonal mood swings

Every Step, Every Tear, Every Smile: Our Holistic Embrace

Personalized Instruction

Tailored guidance from a personal teacher

Nutrition Counseling

Professional advice and guidance from a dietitian.

Lifestyle Coaching

Support and strategies for lifestyle improvements.

Lactation Readiness

Education and support for breastfeeding preparation.

Labor Support

Assistance and guidance during the labor process.

Couples Labor Readiness

Preparation sessions for both partners to prepare for childbirth & labor

pregnancy yoga classes near me

Heal-In Sutras: Peek Inside Reviews

It was a great experience with heal in Sutras prenatal classes which I started attending from second trimester. Shilpa was so understanding and supportive throughout my journey. She is there to answer any queries any time and the labor class which she took will help a lot to understand labor process and how to deal with it. Coming to my trainer Pallavi she is so nice and she knew how to adjust asanas based on your current situation. She is so flexible and helps you through out your journey to relieve pain by training with correct asanas. I felt more comfortable throughout my journey. Even with few complications I recommend not to stop yoga rather try talking to Shilpa and your trainer they will help you to adjust your yoga and will try make your journey smooth.
shruthi honey
shruthi honey
I’m so glad I found Heal-In Sutra online. I have been a part of Pre natal yoga class online, Dr Shilpa and Dr Himani are amazing. Their classes have helped me stay fit, positive and confident. Their sessions helped turn my baby to head down position. Breathing techniques were helpful and I was able to take the pains until 9 cm dilation and within no time delivered via normal delivery. I definitely recommend their classes!
Aparna Patro
Aparna Patro
The prenatal program by Heal-in sutras had been such a valuable contributor towards my health throughout pregnancy. It not only helped me address challenges related to pregnancy but also prepared my body for labour and childbirth. I am so grateful to my instructor - Shilpi - who always started the session by asking how I felt and tailored it to cater to my needs. The power of Yoga helped me feel calmer and more energized, and the customized workout eased some of my day to day discomforts while building pelvic strength. Then there was Shilpa who always provided prompt guidance on other related subjects such as diet, labour, etc to make it more well-rounded. Overall, it gave me the much needed confidence and support to navigate my first pregnancy. I highly recommend this program to all pregnant women who can afford it (it's priced on a higher side). It could be especially beneficial for busy, working women who want a more active and wholesome pregnancy. I owe my stress-free pregnancy to this wonderful team - I am extremely happy I chose them!
Akshita Chaudhry
Akshita Chaudhry
I joined Shilpa’s classes in 2nd trimester. Throughout the pregnancy she was really prompt in answering all the questions. She covers all the details and questions that one pregnant woman may have or would like to know. Her detailed guidance on labor and how to navigate it, helped me a lot during labor. I would definitely recommend her classes.
Vidhi Shah
Vidhi Shah
I will start with a big thanks to dr. Shilpa for supporting me during my pregnancy journey. She has been so helpful during the course of my pregnancy. I have been nagging her with all the questions and problem of back pain and what not. She is always super responsive and super sweet, even if it is late in the night or early morning. She will always revert with the solution. She has helped me so much with the yoga asanas required for my needs and want. I would also like to thanks Charmy for helping me and tweaking the yoga asanas for my need. Thank you ❤️
Manisha Joshi
Manisha Joshi
I took prenatal classes as well as I am currently enrolled for post-partum classes with Shilpa. I have to say the classes have been very helpful. Before delivery, they helped me by being active. Now I am focusing on upper body stretches as well as meditation for my post-partum recovery. One can completely trust her for guidance related to any issues you are facing, food choices, mental health as well as any personal challenges. She is always available and I felt as if I had somebody to rely on completely. Thanks Shilpa and the amazing trainers for an amazing experience.
Arushi Gupta
Arushi Gupta
Thanks Shilpa and Charmy for providing personalized yoga sessions which has really helped me during my pregnancy. I faced severe back pain but Shilpa and Charmy has designed there sessions accordingly which gave relief, also the baby's position was not correct and they corrected it with yoga postures. I had very fast normal delivery for that all thanks to Dr Shilpa and Charmy. A small suggestion is to build good higher management, because of that communication gap was faced but still this count nothing in front of support they have given 🫶 I highly recommend there prenatal yoga classes
Deepa Bansal
Deepa Bansal
Hi Shilpa Mam, I just wanted to thank you for all of the support and love during my process of being pregnant. I'm so grateful for All of the advice & birth wisdoms that you offer. I never thought to deliver through normal process it’s always in my mind that I will opt for C-section from the day I get to know that I am expecting. I joined yoga to stay active during the tenure. I am very happy to share my experience, It was hardly 3 hours of labour. It was so quick that I even didn’t get chance to think what should I opt. The breathing practices shared by Shweta helped me so much. Thank alot to you and special thanks to Shweta. ❤️♥️😍🎊
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma
I joined Shilpa’s classes in 3rd Trimester and they were of great help for me with normal delivery. Techniques she shared during her sessions and Labour Management class really helped me a lot with normal delivery without Epidural. I continued her exercises later as well when I was nearing my delivery. I really would recommend her classes to everyone and should join as early as possible during pregnancy. It brought lot of positivity to me and confidence that I can deliver normally.
Apurva Pashine
Apurva Pashine

Hear what our global community has to say

I never cease to be amazed at the outstanding quality of the teachers and teachings here at Yaglo Yoga. I've lost count of the number of times that I have recommended this online yoga studio to others!
Ankita Customer
This is what I really like about Yaglo Yoga, different teachers, with various passions and expertise bringing us such a healthy diet of complimentary yoga styles. Feeling ready to tackle the day!
Yalpana Customer
This is what I really like about Yaglo Yoga, different teachers, with various passions and expertise bringing us such a healthy diet of complimentary yoga styles. Feeling ready to tackle the day!
Test Customer

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Frequently Asked Questions


More details about the sessions?

Welcome to our exclusive realm of personal sessions, designed entirely around your schedule and preferences.

We’re all about customization, fine-tuning each session to fit your unique health status, body type, and quirky medical history.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the marvelous world of prenatal yoga, we’ve got sensational labor and birthing sessions, diet consultations, and lifestyle modifications that’ll make every mom-to-be swoon with delight.😍

We take a holistic approach to ensure your well-being reaches new heights, extending far beyond the yoga mat.

Forget about those generic yoga sessions; we’re on a mission to annihilate the root causes of your troubles.

Our trainers? Oh, they’re the real deal! Certified by prestigious institutes and handpicked after enduring rigorous selection processes.

We’ve assembled an all-star team of yoga gurus, naturopaths, dieticians, and birthing experts to deliver a wellness experience like no other.

We will get in touch with you to discuss your health conditions and sneaky ailments.

Why, you ask? We’ll gather all that juicy information and put it to good use, offering you the perfect trainer, a customized session designed just for you, and even dishing out some diet and lifestyle changes that will make your heart sing.

But wait, there’s more! A free demo session. Yup, you heard it right—free! This way, you can get a taste of the magic that awaits you.

As we journey together, we’ll keep refining and customizing, making each session a masterpiece that caters to your every whim and desire

Just like a chameleon changing colors, our focus area adapts to your trimester, needs, and even those sneaky medical conditions. Here’s a sneak peek at the major points that make our journey together as lively as a rollercoaster ride:


  • Improving flexibility & balance

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety`

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor

  • Back & Body Pains

  • Improving circulation

  • Pregnancy issues


  • Preparing the body for childbirth

  • Labour Preparation both mentally & Physically

  • Stamina building

  • Ideal Baby position

  • Normal delivery

  • Engagement of baby’s head

  • Any pregnancy complication

Our clients can avail the benefits of..

  • Reduced pregnancy complications

  • Easier deliveries

  • Optimal baby’s birth position

  • Increased physical stamina.

  • Higher chances of normal deliveries.

  • Mom Is Up To Date And Educated,

  • Aids In Dealing With Uncertainty And Misery.

  • The sessions prepare you For Postpartum As Well a Swift Recovery.

  • Lowers any Potential Risk For You And Your Baby

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