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Questions related to Pregnancy, Postpartum? We're here to help!

Click the link below and ask AI assistant any question related to Pregnancy, Postpartum, or fertility. Check examples in the below section

Sample questions


How can I calculate my due date during pregnancy?


"What are some common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, and how can they be managed?"


"What are the recommended exercises and physical activities for pregnant women?"


What physical changes can I expect during the postpartum period?

Self-care practices or tips that can help promote physical and emotional well-being after giving birth?

Best tips related to breastfeeding


What are the important factors to consider when preparing for pregnancy?

How can I optimize my nutrition and lifestyle choices to improve fertility?

How can I track my menstrual cycle to identify the most fertile days for conception?

About Heal-In Sutras

Heal-In Sutras is a customized online yoga platform for moms-to-be, new mothers and people trying to conceive. Sessions are tailor-made according to your health and trimester to ensure quick and effective results and eradicating the root cause of the problem. We have thousands of happy clients across the globe who have benefitted from our ‘customized only’ yoga sessions.

Prenatal Yoga

We provide only customized sessions tailored to suit our moms-to-be’s current health status, body type and history of ailments. Besides prenatal yoga, including pranayama and meditation, our sessions offer diet consultation and lifestyle modifications, & birthing sessions.

Fertility Yoga

Heal-In Sutras Fertility Yoga sessions focus on the Reduced stress & anxiety, Blood flow to the hips & Increased circulation to the pelvic area, Weight Management, Focus on fertility boosters, Hormonal Balance, Improved Blood Circulation.

Postnatal Yoga

Our Postnatal Yoga program is customized to your needs and helps the body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. It restores the body and mind and repairs all tissues. It helps you to get back into shape and deal with mood swings due to hormonal changes.

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