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Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

Updated: Jun 9

In the magnificent land of China, where legends and traditions intertwine, a group of expectant mothers gathered beneath the shade of a sacred tree. The air was thick with anticipation as a wise storyteller stepped forward, ready to share her ancient wisdom on exercises to avoid during pregnancy. With a graceful bow, she began her enchanting tale.

"Long ago, in the mystical realm of China," she began, "there lived a group of divine dragons who watched over expectant mothers. These dragons, known for their wisdom and protectiveness, had identified certain exercises that were best avoided during the sacred journey of pregnancy."

#1 - High-impact exercises

With the expectant mothers leaning in closer, the storyteller revealed the first exercise on the dragons' list: "Imagine yourself as a delicate lotus flower floating on a serene pond," she said. "In this gentle dance, avoid high-impact activities, such as running or jumping. Let your body sway with grace, for these movements can place unnecessary strain on your changing joints and ligaments."

#2 - Avoid exercises that involve sudden twists or turns

The mothers-to-be nodded in understanding, eager to learn more. The storyteller continued, "Now, picture yourself as a majestic crane, standing tall and serene amidst the tranquility of a bamboo forest. During pregnancy, it's best to avoid exercises that involve sudden twists or turns. These movements, like the gusts of a passing wind, can strain your abdominal muscles and potentially disrupt the delicate balance within your womb."

#3 - Lying flat on your back for extended periods

As the evening sun bathed the scene in golden hues, the storyteller spoke of the dragons' next warning. "Envision yourself as a tranquil koi fish, gracefully gliding through the waters of a serene pond," she whispered. "Avoid exercises that require lying flat on your back for extended periods. This position can compress major blood vessels and reduce blood flow to you and your baby. Instead, embrace exercises that allow you to maintain a comfortable and supported position."

#4 - Heavy lifting or straining

The expectant mothers listened with rapt attention, their hearts and minds open to the wisdom of the storyteller. The air grew still as she shared the dragons' final cautionary tale. "Imagine yourself as a serene panda, moving with gentle ease through the bamboo groves," she murmured. "During pregnancy, it's wise to avoid exercises that involve heavy lifting or straining. These activities, like the burdensome weight of a boulder, can place undue stress on your body and potentially harm you or your baby."


And so, dear mothers-to-be, may you too heed the tales of the wise dragons. Embrace gentle exercises that nourish your body and soul, allowing the energy of ancient China to guide your movements. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, remember that the key lies in honoring your body's needs, cherishing the life within, and embracing the harmony of movement and stillness. May your path be filled with grace and tranquility, as you dance through the wondrous tale of pregnancy.

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